We develop powerful adhesives for 3D Printer to secure a strong bond between the build plate and the 3D print, so you can be confident that your print will finish. Our adhesives are the best solution to eliminate first layer problems.


All purpose adhesive

This adhesive contains a high performance formula to achieve an easy application without ever losing the necessary performance. PrintaFix will work with most 3D printing materials. Forget toxic acids to dissolve your filament, stop wasting time placing tiny strips of tape to your glass plate. Use PrintaFix and enjoy the simple and easy handling!


high performance adhesive
Works with many materials
applied in 10seconds
Works for unheated and heated printbeds

PrintaFix Manual

  1. Prepare: Remove the printbed from the printer. The printbed should be at clean and at room temperature. Shake the PrintaFix bottle well for 5 seconds.
  2. Apply: Spray from 10cm (4″) away in overlapping circles and cover the printbed with a thin film. Let it dry for 30 seconds.
  3. Print: Level the printbed and start the print process with our recommended settings.
  4. Clean Up: Remove the print with a spatula. Clean up with warm water, PrintaClean or ethanol.


Allrounder including technical materials

PrintaStick works with all materials and secures a strong bond to the buildplate. The sponge applicator makes the usage of PrintaStick easy, precise and effortless. During application and printing PrintaStick does not release or produce any unpleasant smell and after the print is finished there is no visible trace of PrintaStick on the 3D print.


Strong formula works for many materials
precise to apply
high temperature stable
no unpleasant smell

PrintaStick Manual

  1. Prepare: Shake PrintaStick for a few seconds to mix the solution. Only apply on a cold residue free printbed. If necessary you can use PrintaClean to remove residue from the printbed.
  2. Apply: Apply PrintaStick by pressing the sponge applicator on the printbed to release some liquid. Then spread the liquid by moving the sponge in a circular pattern over the printbed. If the sponge hardens – rinse with clean water to soften.
  3. Print: Start the printing process with recommended temperature settings. The liquid will dry up during the heat up process of the printbed.
  4. Clean Up: When the printbed cools down the print will loosen from the build plate.. Clean up with warm water.

PrintaFix oder PrintaStick

Recommended for unheated printbedsYes*
Recommended for heated printbedsYesYes
Precise to apply~Yes
Works with general materials:
Works with special materials:
Works with professional materials:
PA6, PA12, PC-ABS,...