Bad Overhangs

It´s not trivial to get a perfect result with “perfect” overhangs. It depends on the material, the printer you are using and also on your printing settings, which angles of overhangs are possible to print. Typically, around 45 degree angle are possible to print. In FDM / FFF 3D printing, each layer has to be built upon another. Obviously, you cannot print into the air and that´s why you have to consider about some points before you start your print. Perfect placement, adding support structure or breaking the part into more pieces are common tricks to optimize your 3D print. You may use an overhang test model, like the one from the make magazine, download link:

An easy way to get better results are support structures.

We can´t recommend which settings are the best, because they change when you change layer height or material. We recommend to start with the standard settings in your slicer program, if you have to change them > try > possiple not good enough > try again : repeat the try and error method.

Keep in mind, that support material takes additional printing time and sometimes optimization of your models placement is another solution. Optimal support settings: