Clogged Nozzle

Clogged Nozzle

Over the lifetime, a nozzle has to extrude several kilograms of plastic. Over time it´s very likely that your nozzle clogges These jams or clogs are usually due to something inside the nozzle that is blocking the plastic from freely extruding. While this may be daunting the first time it happens, but we will walk through several easy troubleshooting steps that can be used to fix a jammed nozzle.

A cold pull works best with slippery, soft materials – like Nylon filament.
Again, heat up your hotend to the working temperature of your Nylon or Polyamide filament, push it through the hotend as far as possible, ideally, until your previous material is cleaned out, which obviously is going to be somewhat hard if your nozzle is completely clogged. Then have the hotend cool down.
What we recommend is to set the hotend to 110, 120°C and just keep on pulling on the filament while the hotend is heating until the filament plops out in one piece. Then cut off the impure end of the filament, fully heat the hotend again and repeat the process until the pulled end of your filament comes out clean and you’ve restored good flow through the nozzle. Usually, two or three passes should be enough.

Tools needed:

Nylon Filament about 1m (about 3 feet) Buy here > 



50g | Cleaningfilament gegen verstopfte 3D Drucker Düsen.

  • 1,75mm
  • 2,85mm
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Es kann passieren das die Düse eines 3D Druckers verstopft. Mit dem Cleaningfilament auf Nylon basis lässt sich dieses Problem ganz einfach lösen. Dieses Filament basiert auf der gleichen hochwertigen Formulatur die in allen PrintaMent Filamenten zum Einsatz kommt.

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1,75mm, 2,85mm