Layer Shift or Layer misalignment

If you identify a “stepping” effect in your print, this is called layer shift or layer misalignment. Most common 3D printer don´t have a feedback system, about the actual position of their toolhead/hotend. If there is an impact during the print or a motor loses steps, the printer cannot detect this and will continue the print with a wrong position.The following solutions are a good way to solve this problem, but it can also be caused by warping upper layers.

If you are printing too fast, it can cause layer shifting or a poor print quality. With high printing speed, it could happen that your belts slips over the cogwheel/drive pulleys and your tool head/hotend will lose the right position.
You can adjust the printing speed like on the pictures below.
If you were printing at 3600 mm/min or 60 mm/s (the most common printing speed), try decreasing that value by 50% to 1800 mm/min or 30mm/s to see if the filament grinding goes away or print quality increases. If not, it´s very likely that the problem is a different one. If the it works out, try to increase the printing speed in small steps till you find the best balance of a good quality and printing speed.