Stringing and Ozzing

Hairy print? If there are hairy strings of plastic on your print, which typically occur between two parts, this is called stringing. Other terms for this problem are oozing, hairy prints or whiskers. When the nozzle is moving to another location, it could happen that the fluent filament oozes/leaks out of the nozzle and produces the strings. In this case, check if the retraction is enabled, because in many cases you are able to solve this problem by optimizing the retraction settings. You may use a fine positive Features performance model, like the one from the make magazine. download link:

As often it is a combination between retraction and nozzle temperature settings to get the best results to reduce stringing. If the nozzle temperature is too high, the molten filament is so liquid (has a low viscosity) that the nozzle will leak during moving to the next location. If the nozzle temperature is too low, you may have problems with extruding your filament. For the best results, try to minimize the temperature by 5-10 degrees so that the plastic doesn´t ooze anymore.