3D prints shrink due to the its thermal properties while cooling. This puts a lot of stress on the print and with improper adhesion to the printbed it can detach partialy or completly from it. There are many things you can do against warping.

There are many types on the market like PrintaFix, glue stick, other wipe-on or spray-on adhesives or print surfaces like PEI, Buildtak or even unheated Bluetape.
It´s important to set the correct temperature of your heated bed for each material and adhesive.
For PrintaFix we recommend the following settings:

  • PLA: first layer 210°C (410° Fahrenheit) no heated print surface
  • ABS: first layer 235-245°C (455-473° Fahrenheit) with 5mm brim and a 100-105°C (212-221° Fahrenheit) heated bed.
  • PET-G: first layer 225°C (437° Fahrenheit) and a 70-80°C (158-176° Fahrenheit) heated bed.

To adjust in your slicer, look at the picture below.