warpingtest PrintaFix vs uncoated buildplate

PrintaFix is the best solution to eliminate first layer and adhesion problems.

Easy to use

Forget toxic acids to dissolve your filament, stop wasting time placing tiny strips of tape to your glass plate. Use PrintaFix and enjoy the simple and easy handling! Spray PrintaFix on the printbed, let it dry and start printing without any impact on the performance.

High performance

Endless hours of perfecting the formula to achieve an easy application without ever losing the necessary performance. The journey is bottled in PrintaFix – the best solution for 3D printing. Superior to our competitors, we can help you with every print.


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Remove the printbed from the printer. The printbed should be at room temperature and without damage. Remove all dust and residue from previous prints from the printbed. Place it on a table and shake the PrintaFix bottle well for 5 seconds.


Hold the PrintaFix bottle 10cm (4″) away from the printbed. Use enough spray strokes to cover the entire printbed with a thin film of the solution. Overlap spray strokes to prevent uncovered areas that could affect the adhesion. Let it dry for 30 seconds.


Put the printbed back into the 3D printer and level it. Start the print process with our recommended settings. We have tested our product with many materials and settings (see below).

Clean up

When your print has finished remove it carefully with a spatula. Clean up of PrintaFix can be done with warm water, PrintaClean or an alcoholic solution. Window cleaner might also work – please check if they contain ethanol.

Recommended Settings


Printing temperatur °C


Printing temperatur °C

Printbed temperature °C