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  • 1,75mm
  • 2,85mm
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PA12 (Polyamid) is a high-performance polyamide filament. The polymer nylon PA12 is widely used in the automotive, machinery and engineering industry since it combines mechanical strength, flexibility, transparency, UV resistance and superior chemical resistance. PA12 is easy to print, has a high impact strength, even at low temperatures, a very high glass transition temperature and a low water absorption compared with other polyamides which leaves the mechanical properties unaffected. PA12 is the filament enabling you to print objects with a top performance.

Attention: PA12 filament needs to be dried for best 3D print results. A standard air-circulated oven is sufficient. A guideline for drying is 4-6 hours at 60˚C. To store it properly use an airtight container with a desiccant bag

Recommended printsettings

  • Printing Temperature: 225-275°C
  • Heated Bed:  90-100°C
  • Enclosure: recommended
  • Adhesion Agent: UHU Stick or PEI
  • Part Cooling Fan: 30%
  • Nozzle: standard brass
  • Printspeed: up to 75mm/s
  • Layer height: >0.1mm
  • Flow Rate: 100%

Cheat sheets with narrow settings for major 3D printer are provided in the manual section >


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Weight1150 g

1,75mm, 2,85mm


black, white, transparent