PrintaMent PC-ABS


  • 1,75mm
  • 2,85mm
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PrintaMent PC-ABS (compound of Polycarbonate and Acrylnitril-Butadien-Styrol-Copolymere) has a higher impact resistance than regular ABS and is easier to print than regular PC so you get the best of both worlds. This is a consequence of the addition of the proper amount of polycarbonate in this modification, which also creates a nearly perfect interlayer adhesion. The above features, combined with a highly stable printing process makes PC-ABS the perfect material for mechanical parts and tools, which should be light and strong and show minimal wear after prolonged use.

Flame Retardant Black is tested for to be flame retardant to the standard V0 with the UL-94 testing method. (burning stops within 10 seconds on a vertical specimen; drips of particles allowed as long as they are not inflamed.)

Recommended printsettings

  • Printing Temperature: 245-275°C
  • Heated Bed:  85-95°C
  • Enclosure: recommended
  • Adhesion Agent: UHU Stick | PEI
  • Part Cooling Fan: 5%
  • Nozzle: standard brass
  • Printspeed: up to 50mm/s
  • Layer height: >0.1mm
  • Flow Rate: 103%

Cheat sheets with narrow settings for major 3D printer are provided in the manual section >

Additional information

Weight 1150 g

1,75mm, 2,85mm


black, white, fire retardant black