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  • 1,75mm
  • 2,85mm
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PC (Polycarbonate) is a high-performance material which is very though, dimensionally stable and has a high impact- and heat-resistance. PrintaMent PC has a high optical clarity, a very good electrical resistance and a high toughness. PC is commonly used to make all sorts of products including bullet-proof glass, riot shields, cellphone exteriors and many other products that require an engineering grade material. We recommend for PrintaMent PC just for experienced users because of its high melting point and high heated bed temperature necessary this material can´t be printed on every printer.

Recommended printsettings

  • Printing Temperature: 280-290°C
  • Heated Bed:  100-105°C
  • Enclosure: recommended
  • Adhesion Agent: UHU Stick or PEI
  • Part Cooling Fan: 0-10%
  • Nozzle: standard brass
  • Printspeed: up to 50mm/s
  • Layer height: >0.1mm
  • Flow Rate: 100%

Cheat sheets with narrow settings for major 3D printer are provided in the manual section >

Additional information

Weight1150 g

1,75mm, 2,85mm