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PrintaMent PLA

PLA (Polylactic acid) is the universal material for all 3D printer. It is easy to print on virtually any 3D printer and by far the most popular in the consumer market for FDM termoplastics. PLA can be printed at low temperatures and with PrintaFix or PrintaStick there is no need for a heated printbed to prevent warping. It has a good interlayer adhesion and low shrinkage and a slight shine to its appearance when the print is done. We recommend it for all decorative elements, prototypes for haptics or test prints.

PLA is plant based and therefor biodegradable. This also means that is not the strongest material when it comes to stiffness, heat resistance or mechanical properties. Nethertheless for its recommended purposes it does the trick. PrintaMent PLA is available in a wide range of colours to satisfy every need.

PrintaMent PET-G

PrintaMent PET-G (glycol modified Polyethylenterephthalat) is an extremely robust material with a good impact resistance, but it has a slightly softer surface which makes it prone to wear. The transparent colors offer a high gloss and clarity. The solid colors offer a vivid and beautiful surface. You can enjoy a lot of versatility with this filament from light objects to high impact applications this material is your choice.

PrintaMent M-ABS

M-ABS (modified Acrylnitril-Butadien-Styrol-Copolymere) is a enhanced version of standard ABS most people will be familiar with. M-ABS has a lot of fantastic probabilities like: strong, lightweight, extremely durable, and very impact resistant. Due to a higher glass transition temperature it can withstand higher heat than PLA without deformation It is ideal for special purpose 3D prints, toys and gadgets that benefit from extra strength. M-ABS has lower warping than regular ABS and less of an unpleasant smell.

PrintaMent PURE

PURE from AprintaPro was designed as an easy to print material with a unique matt surface. Based on PrintaMent PLA it offers the same high quality and is as easy to print. The finished print has a rough surface Ideal for decorative elements such as vases. It offers a great layer adhesion and minimizes the visibility of separate layers. PrintaMent Natural Line products are based on the premise to be eco friendly and so the material is recyclable and is delivered on a cardboard spool in a cardboard box.

PrintaMent METAL

PrintaMent METAL is a base PLA filament which contains 80% very fine metal powder (Copper or Bronze), is easy to print, sand & polish. With this filament, you can create the most beautiful objects with real metal characteristics, such as it is 3x heavier than the same print in standard PLA, a metal touch & feel and thermo-conductivity.

Why high quality filament matters

AprintaPro filaments are produced 100% in Europe. We know our raw material suppliers and can keep a close eye on the quality we get. Cheaper filament manufacturers often don’t care and then small particles contaminate the filament. These particles will then either be visible in your 3D print or worse clog your nozzle. We only use high quality raw materials for our PLA and colouring pigments so your prints won’t dull during the print or after you put your 3D print on display. We set ourselfs high standards and only accept minimal tolerances in the filament diameter.

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1,75mm, 2,85mm


black, cream white, clear, natural, pearl white, mango yellow, orange, magenta, red, purple, green, lime green, leaf green, petrol green, blue, light grey, iron grey, brown, copper, bronze, gold, acid green, flash yellow, flash orange, yellow transparent, red transparent, blue transparent, green transparent, glow in the dark