Tips und Tricks

Transparent Prints

One of the most difficult tasks is to create transparent prints on a FDM 3D printer. In this quick tutorial we want to help you to find the ideal settings for your 3D printer. To create transparent prints you need to change some settings that are away from your normal printing habits. We tested and refined this method to this settings on a BCN3D Sigma.

Download Simplify Printing Profile:

BCN3D Sigma (1,0mm Nozzle) solid prints

BCN3D Sigma (1,0mm Nozzle) hollow prints


PrintaMent PET-G clear, also available in Yellow, Red, Blue, Green & Black transparent


as thin as possible – we achived good results with between 0,02mm and 0,08mm




25mm/s – 40mm/s


The Extrusionwitdth should be set to around 93% of the nozzlediameter (nozzle: 1mm > extrusionwidth 0,93mm; nozzle: 0,8mm > extrusionwidth 0,74mm). This is done to achieve overlapping of the material. Vice versa with the extrusionwidth we need so set the extrusion multiplier.

Extrusion multiplier

This one is a bit tricky. We got good results on the BCN3D Sigma with a 1mm nozzle and a extrusion mulitplier of 1,16. Here you need to give it a bit of a trail and error.

Part cooling fan

For simple objects you can completely disable the part cooling fan. If you print has overhangs and you really need it just up to a maximum of 10%.


We recommend a large diameter for the nozzle (0,8mm oder 1mm) so that you need the least amount of strokes to fill a layer. This is important since only at the points where 2 strokes meet airbubbles could form. So the less strokes you need the less risk for imperfections.

In the pictures below you see how it looks when there is air trapped inside the print.