First layer

Getting the height of the first layer of your 3D print perfect plays a huge part in whether or not the print will actually come out successful. So today, youll learn what a good first layer looks like and how to achieve it.

Nozzle blockage

A hotend that just doesnt seem to let any filament through. While there are a few different things that could cause your printer to behave that way, a clogged nozzle is a likely cause and one that you take care off easily.

Print post-processing

When 3D prints come off the printer, more often than not, they are not really finished yet. So here are a few things that you can do to get your 3D printed parts looking and working even better.

Check up´s

How do you keep your 3D printer in perfect working order? Its certainly a lot less work than servicing a car, but most machines do require a bit of care every now and then. Lets make sure you get all the important spots.

3D service plan

From time to time it can be necessary to service your 3D printer. What to do and when is explained in this video

Filament Choice

Filament misconceptions, filament basics knowledge. How to pick a filament and what you should be looking for!


Everyone can print PLA, it’s super easy, right? Well, only because everyone else is printing it, too! PLA comes with its own set of pitfalls, but it can be incredibly rewarding to get it right.


In this video, we’ll take a look at how to best 3D print and tune ABS – and what ABS even is! There isn’t just one type of ABS or ABS-like material, after all.


The do-it-all 3D printing filament: PET-G! Learn what the differences are between Copolyester and PET and how to best print the materials.

Flexible filaments and PA12 (Nylon)

I’m sure you’ve seen the range of flexible filaments and Nylon / PA-based ones – but what are they good for? How should you print them? Well, let me explain.